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This team is calculated based on the frequency of appearances of players in all users Comduo teams. The number below the player is the quota of this player's appearances in reference to those of all players on this position.

TeroddeVfL Bochum
9.5238 %
Burgstaller1. FC Nürnberg
6.6667 %
PhilippSC Freiburg
4.5455 %
D. Halfar1. FC Kaiserslautern
4.0909 %
D. KaiserRB Leipzig
4.0909 %
Schnatterer1. FC Heidenheim
4.0909 %
L. SobiechFC St. Pauli
4.5977 %
KempfSC Freiburg
4.5977 %
BastiansVfL Bochum
4.5977 %
BuballaFC St. Pauli
4.5977 %
HimmelmannFC St. Pauli
20.0000 %

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