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Shoutbox Rules

Shoutbox Rules
Please consider the following rules before posting in the shoutbox:
Postings which break one or more of these rules, may be deleted wihtout a comment and can result in warnings or bans!
  • Tackiness
  • Insults
  • Vulgar behavior
  • Bragging
  • Provocation
  • Spamming
  • Flooding (posting the same message multiple times)
  • Blunt statements
  • Yelling (also known as CAPITALIZING)
  • Unnecessary emphasizing (e.g. by using multiple question marks)
  • Permanent cursing
  • Deliberately spreading false rumors
  • Misuse of the report posts function
  • Extensive usage or communication based solely on emojis
2.The Shoutbox is for discussing Comunio or league relevant topics. Issues, questions ans especially links, which don't relate to Comunio or professional football in general, have no place here. Topics affecting other leagues can be discussed to some extent. Moderators can tolerate or stop topics in case of doubt.
3.Please accept any measures taken by moderators. They are taken to make it as comfortable as possible for everybody in an open football chat. Please don't inquire about any such measures.
4.You don't have to post your whole squad. One can fetch it by clicking on your username.
5.Please don't ask questions which are answered in Comunio's FAQ or Rules.
6.It's permitted to make inquiries about a players performance as long as you're not questioning the general concept of the rating mechanism.
7.Using an offensive or racist username can also result in a ban from the shoutbox.
8.Please use only German or English in the shoutbox.

Notes on warnings and bans
When you've been warned, this means that you broke at least one of the shoutbox rules (see above). Please read the rules carefully and follow them, otherwise your next breach of rules may result in a ban.

When you've received a permanent ban and want to participate again, please make an application for unbanning here. This should include a sensible reason why you should be unbanned.

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