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RankClubMatches Points
overall / Ø
Opp. points
overall / Ø
1.1. FC Köln1. FC Köln30156252,179026,3
2.SC Paderborn 07SC Paderborn 0730139646,5100333,4
3.1. FC Heidenheim1. FC Heidenheim30129443,1112537,5
4.1. FC Union Berlin1. FC Union Berlin30127542,598032,7
5.Hamburger SVHamburger SV30123641,2100233,4
6.Holstein KielHolstein Kiel30120040,0112437,5
7.SSV Jahn RegensburgSSV Jahn Regensburg30119839,9123941,3
8.Arminia BielefeldArminia Bielefeld30117839,3108636,2
9.VfL BochumVfL Bochum30110536,8119639,9
10.Erzgebirge AueErzgebirge Aue30106735,6123041,0
11.SV Darmstadt 98SV Darmstadt 9830106335,4110136,7
12.SV Sandhausen 1916SV Sandhausen 191630105635,2112137,4
13.FC St. PauliFC St. Pauli30103834,6121940,6
13.SG Dynamo DresdenSG Dynamo Dresden30103834,6122440,8
15.SpVgg Greuther FürthSpVgg Greuther Fürth30103234,4126742,2
16.FC Ingolstadt 04FC Ingolstadt 043094131,4116338,8
17.MSV DuisburgMSV Duisburg3092830,9142347,4
18.1. FC Magdeburg1. FC Magdeburg3090930,3122340,8

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