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Top clubs (Market value)

RankClubOverall market valuePlayer countPointsOpp. points
1.Hamburger SVHamburger SV48.510.0003013801190
2.1. FC Heidenheim1. FC Heidenheim36.940.0002614731277
3.1. FC Union Berlin1. FC Union Berlin36.530.0001914611093
4.Arminia BielefeldArminia Bielefeld31.360.0002513911168
5.SV Darmstadt 98SV Darmstadt 9825.600.0002012261277
6.FC St. PauliFC St. Pauli25.360.0002711791370
7.VfL BochumVfL Bochum24.200.0001912691338
8.Holstein KielHolstein Kiel24.130.0001913591309
9.FC Ingolstadt 04FC Ingolstadt 0423.840.0002611221266
10.SSV Jahn RegensburgSSV Jahn Regensburg21.030.0001713151396
11.Erzgebirge AueErzgebirge Aue19.120.0002012341337
12.SpVgg Greuther FürthSpVgg Greuther Fürth17.950.0001811131448
13.SG Dynamo DresdenSG Dynamo Dresden15.250.0002111721390
14.SV Sandhausen 1916SV Sandhausen 191612.450.0001912051273
15.MSV DuisburgMSV Duisburg-010491632
15.1. FC Köln1. FC Köln-01768925
15.SC Paderborn 07SC Paderborn 07-015451180
15.1. FC Magdeburg1. FC Magdeburg-010201412

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